Focus On SMAC Technologies

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A trend is emerging in today’s technology landscape. The evolution of businesses now relies on combining Security, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies to compete in globally competitive commerce.  The integration of these SMAC technologies engage customers and influencers through a multi-channel network of engagement on the full variety of tech devices.  

A successful SMAC implementation that reaches technically proficient audiences hinges on a fully integrated SMAC approach, with each component working together as a part of a cohesive ecosystem. A strategy that relies on new features haphazardly bolted onto other technology frameworks, systems and ideologies will struggle to compete with more streamlined, client-centric competitors. 

To avoid a hodge-podge SMAC environment, you must first avoid a hodge-podge SMAC team. This is particularly important when selecting Staffing and Resource partners. If the ultimate goal is to realize a branded technology landscape that maximizes user experience while minimizing redundancies, it is important that your team of internal and contingent technologists bring a compatible and complimentary blend of skills and abilities to the projects for which they are collaborating.

Staffing partners and the SMAC technologists they provide should be adaptable and nimble to future progress made toward more sophisticated business process analysis/design and understanding of how to leverage emerging technologies. As CIOs continue to embrace more entrepreneurial roles and the media for connecting with consumers grows prolifically, the landscape will inevitably continue to evolve and companies with the backing of progressive and dedicated IT resource partners will thrive.

Communication for SMAC initiatives is paramount in ensuring the cohesiveness between departments, teams and outside strategic partners. Select teams of suppliers will ensure more manageable and meaningful relationships with internal IT managers who can more clearly communicate gaps in coverage or opportunities for strategic SMAC growth. By narrowing the supplier base to a few trusted IT partners like Pyramid, who invest in recruitment and technology leadership for SMAC goals, companies achieve much more desirable outcomes, in quicker timeframes and without the incurred costs associated with redundancy or skill-set incompatibility.

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Posted Date: 
Tuesday, November 1, 2016 - 17:00