Procurement Strategy for a Java Workforce

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88% of CPOs stated that they would decrease the total number of suppliers they will work with in 2015. This leaves many companies asking how to find balance between a manageable supplier base and an increasingly diverse pool of job requirement skills and technologies. For Java, in particular, there are important success strategies to consider when selecting your top tier suppliers. 

1.    Lay a Solid Team Foundation

It may be tempting to quickly put resources in place but when establishing a team, the first hires are the most critical. Top-quality professionals will not only lay the foundation for the systems and processes that will support your organization moving forward, but they are also more likely to recommend other top-caliber resources to support their objectives. Hiring lower-quality talent may undermine your projects. These resources are also less likely to be well-connected and may even recommend professionals that make them look better in comparison; even if it ultimately hurts the team’s productivity. 

To find the best Java Professionals, enlist vendors that have long-term relationships with their networks. Vendors that regularly engage within the IT community better understand the required experience and skills for your teams and will provide the top-level IT professionals to lay the groundwork for sustained success. 

2.    Think beyond a single “Rockstar” 
Dan Tynan writes on, “You don’t want to blow all your resources searching for Superman; you want to gather the Avengers.” A vendor that can supply qualified IT professionals is only one piece of the puzzle. A strategic partner whose recruiters have strong technical proficiencies will be able to understand the nuances of sourcing and developing effective teams of resources. Not all Java professionals come with the same background and that can either work to your organization’s advantage or detriment. Relying on vendors that will guide the entire IT team-building process is key. 

3.    Hire People, Train Talent
This advice has been in the procurement world for some time. And it is proven true repeatedly within companies of all sizes. When selecting a limited vendor base, it is important to evaluate your vendors’ commitment and understanding of your particular organization. Vendors that establish dedicated teams and provide recruiting tailored to your environment are more likely to submit Candidates that meet the ‘soft’ requirements, I.O.W. - beyond what is written on a resume. In the long run, those placements will contribute to successful teams and grow with your organization over time. 

The good news is that it is possible to build exceptionally functional teams of IT professionals from a limited supplier base. The key is in selecting vendors that build relationships with top-talent, understand the team dynamics that will best support your initiatives and demonstrate a commitment to meeting your specific organizational needs. 


Posted Date: 
Friday, October 9, 2015 - 15:15