Tricks That Will Make Your Next Interview a Treat

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You land an interview with your outstanding resume. So now what? How do you prepare for it? Here are a few tips that will help you make the best first impression of yourself that will land you a job.



Look at the company’s blog posts and its website

It will be helpful if you get to know your target company’s data and history before going to an interview. This will settle your nerves to be prepared and it demonstrates to the hiring manager that you have done your homework and are interested in the company by giving them detailed answers based on published company data and relevant examples.


Clean up your LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social media accounts 

Many recruiters look at social media to evaluate “soft skills” and cultural fit including personality, substance usage, community involvement, and communication style. Make sure that your social media reflects you in way that aligns with your targeted company’s values.


Schedule for Tuesday through Thursday around 10:30 AM

Interviewers are very busy and they have other responsibilities beyond hiring. Tuesdays through Thursdays are optimal days for an interviews because they are often easiest for the interviewer to schedule the rest of their responsibilities around. It will work in your favor to have an interviewer that is fully present in their conversation with you instead of one itching to get to work on more pressing initiatives.

The time of the day is also an important consideration. According to Forbes, it is best to try to avoid lunchtime, because before noon the interviewer may be too hungry to concentrate and after lunch, they may be too lazy. 10:30 AM is ideal. However, if the company is hiring immediately, then it might be best if you grab the earliest slot of the day.


Dress for success

When in doubt, always overdress. Press your suit or dress and select conservative, neutral clothing pieces. If you are more familiar with the cultural environment, it may be appropriate to accessorize or accent your outfit in a way that shows a bit more personality but do so in minimal, intentional ways. Try to stick to the 7 accessories rule when you accessorize; too many accessories can be distracting to you and your interviewer. Keep your attire neat, tidy, minimalistic, and free of overwhelming perfumes.


Bring a notepad, pen, and extra copies of your resume

It is important to write down a few important notes and questions when the interviewer is speaking so that when the interviewer asks if you have any questions, you can pull some questions from the data that you have collected. If the interviewer forgets to bring your resume in or invites other colleagues to join the conversation, you can easily provide an extra. This shows that you are prepared for any type of situation and you are more likely to be remembered as well.


Send a thank you note after your interview

After an interview, handwrite a note of thanks to the interviewer and mail it to them. This indicates that you are very interested and invested in the job position that you want. In addition, the interviewer is also more likely to remember you and give you a call for a second interview.


The phrase “the first impression is always the best impression” may be cliché, but it is true when it comes to interviews. That’s what makes interviewing scary, daunting, and overwhelming. Implement these tricks into your pre-interview routine and your next interview is more likely to result in a sweet outcome for you and your interviewer. 

Posted Date: 
Monday, October 30, 2017 - 15:30