Wanted: Job in Big Data – The Skills You Need

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The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century (as defined by Harvard Business Review) is the Data Scientist. What makes this and other jobs in the rapidly evolving world of Big Data so attractive? It could be the opportunity to position yourself as a technological pioneer on one of the highest-profile technologies of this decade.

The ability to dramatically improve your company’s targeted consumer experiences may also spark your motivation. Perhaps being an in-demand professional asset with generous salary and benefits impacted your decision to pursue a career in Big Data. No matter the reason, there are some essential skills and qualifications that you will need to achieve success in this field. 

1.    An Advanced Degree

A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, Systems Engineering or a related field is a requirement for anyone seeking a job in Big Data. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of Big Data with regard to storage, analysis and application, a Master’s Degree is increasingly either a requirement or preference that Pyramid is seeing from our Clients and is supported from experts in the field.

2.    On-Going Education
Even for seasoned professionals, it is imperative that you demonstrate an on-going education. This is particularly important with regard to Big Data because the technology is continuously changing. There are multiple ways to stay current and you may want to consider dedicated time to one or more of the following:

-    On-the-Job Training
If you are fortunate enough to currently have a job in Big Data, exceeding expectations in your current role is the most effective way to grow into new opportunities. For professionals trying to break into the field, you can still leverage on-the-job training by demonstrating an ability to adapt to other emerging technologies and showing innovation in the workplace. 

-    Online Training 
There are many online universities and programs that offer open enrollment classes targeted to improve specific skills. If there is a particular topic with which you are not familiar, a few hours a week – on your own schedule – could do just the trick.

-    Certifications
Beyond obtaining the knowledge required to perform a job successfully. Certifications can be a great way to prove your alibies to hiring managers. Consider certifications in various programming languages, networking platforms and others from: DAMA International, the Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals, Teradata Certified Master, Oracle DBA Certified Master Professional and the IBM DB2 Universal Database Certified Solutions Expert

-    Go Beyond Analytics
Expand your on-going education efforts beyond technology skills sets. Success in Big Data is dependent upon a greater understanding of the interconnection between business processes. A practical understanding in both Business Analytics and Business Intelligence compliment technical skills by enabling professionals to more effectively data mine, forecast, statistically analyze, report and query. 


3.    Strong Communication Skills
A job in Big Data will require that you have exemplary communication skills. You will need to communicate the findings of data analysis, the opportunities and limitations of data technologies, and the long-term objectives for your teams. The setting and media for information distribution is also evolving, so it is important to be comfortable presenting and collaborating through one-on-one conversations, large team meetings, industry conferences, and web seminars. 

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Posted Date: 
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 15:45