Omnichannel Business Strategy Is Still A Work-In-Progress

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Reuters reports that U.S. online sales from Cyber Monday 2016 are set to surpass initial expectations by hitting a record $3.39 billion. Unfortunately, the report also concluded that the rate of growth on Cyber Monday was slower than Black Friday and Thanksgiving, when sales grew 21.6% and 11.5% respectively.

Focus On SMAC Technologies

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A trend is emerging in today’s technology landscape. The evolution of businesses now relies on combining Security, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technologies to compete in globally competitive commerce.  The integration of these SMAC technologies engage customers and influencers through a multi-channel network of engagement on the full variety of tech devices.  

Mobilization Shouldn’t Be Immobilizing

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The decision has been made; your company is ready to develop and deploy a new mobile application. Naturally you want it to meet specific objectives, affect targeted cost savings, and deliver the highest possible ROI. But how can you be sure of making the right choices?

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