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The Pyramid Vision

Pyramid Consulting is uniquely positioned to offer the benefits of small company flexibility, big company processes, local company access, global company presence and long-term company experience, all for the benefit of your Staffing needs.

 Pyramid Vision
Each member of Pyramid's Executive Team is available to our Client Partners to help ensure their success

Pyramid’s Clients enjoy the benefits of the very best IT talent and solutions.  As a certified MBE that was founded by IT professionals, we offer a unique ability to support Clients' IT needs while also supporting their need for supplier and workforce diversity and inclusion.

  • Pyramid's partners benefit from scalable service delivery that is designed to cost-effectively support large-scale, dynamic staffing needs.
  • Pyramid partners benefit from our succesful, top-tier support of a wide range of MSP and VMS programs.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from service delivery that fully meets the needs of the IT team AND Procurement AND Supplier Diversity.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from working with one of the largest and one of the fastest-growing IT Staffing agencies as recognized by Staffing Industry Analysts.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from 18+ years of growth fueled by a dedication to Client success and retention.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from our other partnerships with technology industry leaders and innovaters.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from direct access to our Executive team.
  • Pyramid's partners benefit from our committment to foster and support Workforce Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Pyramid partners benefit from our commitment to help them compete and win in today's technology-driven global markets.