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Pyramid Professionals is a designated practice of Pyramid Consulting, Inc. with a focus on supporting a broad range of non-technology professionals and positions. These include Admin / Clerical, Creative, Digital, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Marketing, Procurement, and Scientific professionals. We offer flexible contract, contract-to-hire, and SOW / Statement of Work staffing options to best meet the needs of both our talent and our clients.

We streamline the staffing process to ensure delivery of business initiatives by reducing time to fill and maximizing retention. How do we do it? By finding top talent in a shrinking pool. In the ongoing war for talent, top professionals have turned away from job boards and social media, and towards long-term trusted partners to help manage their careers.
Relationships with our proprietary network of these top professionals is based on trust that has been built over time. Knowing each candidate's experience, capabilities and goals allows us to match the right candidate with the right position every time.
Our one thread equation strategy ensures seamless communication by providing clients with a single-point-of-contact dedicated to the management of the entire sourcing and fulfillment process. Each client is support by a centralized delivery team to support your needs nationally with the ability to deploy in-market assets as needed. Instead of the fragmented delivery system with localized support and no cohesive strategy that is the operating model of others in our space, Pyramid Professinals' dedicated resource works closely with MSPs and end clients to provide a smooth and seamless process.
Pyramid’s commitment to its consultants is second to none. As your long-term career partner, we take the time with every candidate to understand where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go, then collaborate with you to identify positions with leading companies that will advance your career towards your desired goals.
Each consultant is supported by a designated member of the consultant care team, whose job it is to set you up for success. Your CCA will maintain continual contact and provide ongoing support throughout the full-term of your engagement. Knowing that you have an advocate who will troubleshoot and problem-solve on your behalf allows you to focus on doing your best work and advancing towards your goals.
As your engagement approaches its end, our Consultant Redeployment team will work with you to identify new skills and experience developed from your most recent engagement. They will also revisit your goals and other factors that are important to your career progression. Leveraging that information, they will collaborate with you to identify new opportunities that help you take the next step in your career.
So whether you need top professionals to help you meet your business goals, or you need to work with top companies to help you achieve your career goals, your best choice is Pyramid Professionals.
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