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Right Person — Right Job — Right Reason

At Pyramid Search, We Find Hidden Talent by finding the differentiator that drives the right candidate to you for the right reasons. Our full lifecycle recruiters are long-term career partners that gain insight into the experience, motivation, goals of every perm candidate.

We reach the unreachable marketplace through our access to passive candidates. Our deep understanding of what they have done and where they want to go allow us to recruit from a place that most businesses can’t see.
Combining our understanding of your business’s needs and our candidates' capabilities and aspirations allow us to make the right long-term match that meets both parties’ needs.
Adding the Perm talent you need for key roles can be daunting. Businesses are experiencing both a shortage of qualified talent, and a glut of under-qualified talent with insufficient, irrelevant, or outmoded skills. The resulting dynamic is too many applications from candidates you can't use, and too few from candidates who you can.
As a division of Pyramid Consulting, Pyramid Search brings the strategic client focus that has earned us top-tier status with many businesses, including our unique client benchmarking process. As marketplace intelligence leaders, we provide insight into market factors that will give you the competitive advantage you need to stay a step ahead of others in your space. Pyramid Search supports Technology, Admin / Clerical, Creative, Digital, Engineering, Finance & Accounting, HR, Marketing, Procurement and Scientific positions across the US.
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