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If you just got your degree and are trying to launch yourself into the workforce, here are some tips from Forbes on how to stand out from the competition. (Psst! They're helpful even if you're a seasoned veteran of corporate America looking for a change.)

"It’s that time of year when bright college grads are leaving summer travels behind and being spit out into the real world. It’s a great job market, but while the newest working class may be dreaming about corporate foosball


Are you looking to get your foot in the digital marketing door? Read on to find out the top 4 entry-level jobs in the space.

"Thanks to the innovation and rapid development of technology, digital marketing has become the top form of marketing today. If you are thinking about having a career in this field, you might be making the right choice, since there is an abundance of jobs in the industry and it is


It used to be your pizza was guaranteed delivery in 30 minutes or less. Now Amazon's Prime Air, utilizing drone delivery, is working toward that 30 minute max delivery window.

"Amazon has quietly been building an army of increasingly sophisticated flying robots for years and now the technology is starting to come into focus.

"With a vast network of retail stores, fulfillment centers, and the deep resources necessary to get such an ambitious business off the literal ground,


Scientists have conquered the ability to control phonons, the tiniest unit of sound which could lead to big breakthroughs in quantum information applications.

"Researchers have gained control of the elusive 'particle' of sound, the phonon. Although phonons—the smallest units of the vibrational energy that makes up sound waves—are not matter, they can be considered particles the way photons are particles of light. Photons commonly store information in prototype quantum computers,


Kids going back to school? Here are a dozen tech gadgets that will make sure they are ready.

"That time of year is, inevitably, here again—that time humans ages seven to 21 dread but their parents love. Every back-to-school season sends would-be students scrambling to figure out what things they need to make another year of education as streamlined as possible, and those solutions can look different for each and every student.

"We at Ars may not be on the receiving end of


The growing market of security tech in the world of travel can make you feel like James Bond. Bug detectors and portable door locks are just a couple of the items to pack for traveling safely.

"Before John Meyer travels anywhere, he slips a small security device that looks like a two-way radio into his luggage. Recent reports of vacation rental owners spying on guests persuaded him to pay $199 for a 'bug' detector that finds hidden cameras and microphones.


Have you gotten a robocall recently telling you there is a warrant for your arrest issued by the IRS? So has everyone you know. And now telecoms and states' attorneys general are working to fight these and all the other robocalls you get.

"Twelve of the country’s largest telephone companies on Thursday pledged to implement new technology to spot and block robocalls, part of an agreement brokered between the industry and 51 attorneys general to combat the growing telecom


Do you work in IT? That's good news for you - unemployment in IT is at a 20 year low, according to the Wall Street Journal.

"Demand is surging for information-technology workers with advanced digital skills, as more companies seek help developing data analytics, artificial intelligence and other emerging business tools.

"Tech trade group CompTIA estimates that the unemployment rate for IT occupations in the U.S. dropped to 1.3% in May, a 20-year low, according to an analysis


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