Intentionally Inclusive
We believe that having different minds gives a strong competitive advantage. Thus, we are committed to fostering an inclusive workforce backed by equality and empowerment.
Pyramid Consulting, Inc. is an Intentionally Inclusive organization where everyone gets equal and fair opportunities to realize their full potential and excel in their careers.
Belong:In is the staffing industry’s first ERG program that encourages a sense of belonging among our consultants and employees. It provides diverse talent with a platform to share their voice as well as the opportunities to serve the community.


2023 was a successful year for our Belong:IN inclusion program. We saw membership grow by 30%, showing that our employees are deeply committed to fostering an intentionally inclusive culture. Additionally, each employee resource group made meaningful contributions that have laid a strong foundation to build upon in 2024.
Black History Month
Celebrating the rich heritage and triumph of the African American journey.
Industry-Leading ERGs
Engaging the AAPI and black employees
Normalizing Narratives
Normalizing narratives for encouraging an inclusive workforce that offer equal opportunities.
Strengthening our culture
Pyramid Consulting has more ERGs & outreach programs than any other company I've worked in. They launched 7 ERG programs in just 1 year, which says a lot about its commitment to DE&I! I come from a US Air Force background & Pyramid also provides me with opportunities & resources to serve our military community.
Marvin D
Client Service Manager
Pyramid Consulting’s DE&I efforts cement it as a great company. Although I was unaware of the ERG programs before joining, working alongside like-minded peers with similar backgrounds has been great. I look forward to the evolution of the programs & helping to build a future state by co-sponsoring the LatinX ERG.
Crystal S
Regional Sales Director
Pyramid Consulting is involved in so many areas and with so many different people. The Intentionally Inclusive business imperative is something that we live not just say.
Oscar D.
What People say about us
Developing an inclusive environment for employees of all ethnic groups
Encouraging LGBTQ+ employees to advance their leadership potential
Motivating women to excel through connection, mentorship, collaboration and discussion
Community & Belonging

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