Pyramid Consulting Inc. Receives AgileOne’s Supplier of the Year Class A Silver Award




Alpharetta, GA, May 25, 2023 – Pyramid Consulting Inc. is delighted to announce that it has been awarded the esteemed Supplier of the Year Class A Silver Award for supplier excellence by AgileOne. This recognition was presented to Namita Tirath and Donald McSherry at AgileOne’s Supplier Excellence Award ceremony on May 2nd, held at the Hyatt Centric Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, as part of the AgileOne Customer Forum.

During the ceremony, Brian Clark, the President of AgileOne, highlighted AgileOne’s core principle of placing the worker at the center of the universe. Brian expressed appreciation for the exceptional supplier partners who play a vital role in ensuring an unparalleled worker experience, encompassing every stage from the application process to onboarding and actual work assignments. This commitment to the worker experience holds significant importance for both AgileOne’s customers and the organization itself.

Brian acknowledged the unwavering diligence and effort of their partners in this endeavor, emphasizing that the Supplier Excellence Awards serve as a platform to recognize and showcase suppliers who consistently exceed expectations.

Speaking specifically about Pyramid Consulting Inc., Brian stated, “As a trusted partner, Pyramid Consulting Inc. has not only met but surpassed the challenge of delivering world-class customer service and top-tier talent for AgileOne’s clients worldwide. We commend Pyramid Consulting Inc. for its exceptional performance and commitment to excellence.”

Pyramid Consulting has fostered a strong and enduring relationship with AgileOne which is built on mutual trust and shared values. This partnership has been nurtured over time and has proven fruitful for both organizations. Pyramid Consulting’s dedication to delivering exceptional service and high-quality talent aligns perfectly with AgileOne’s objectives and requirements.

In recognition of Pyramid Consulting’s outstanding performance, the company was honored to receive the AgileOne Platinum Category 3 Award for supplier excellence at the #AgileOne Customer Forum held in Austin, Texas. This accolade is a testament to the enduring success of the company’s collaboration with AgileOne and highlights the value it brings as a supplier partner and the commitment to supplier diversity, mentorship, and overall growth.

“Receiving the AgileOne Supplier of the Year Class A Silver Award is a testament to the unwavering dedication and exceptional talent of our team at Pyramid Consulting,” said Namita Tirath, Chief Customer Officer, Pyramid Consulting. “This award symbolizes the value we bring to our clients and our commitment to delivering excellence in every aspect of our partnership. We will continue to raise the bar and provide world-class solutions that drive success for our clients,” she added.

About Pyramid Consulting Inc.

Pyramid Consulting, Inc. is one of the largest staffing firms in the United States. It has a global reach and provides global staffing and technology solutions primarily in the US, Canada, Europe, India, Mexico, and the Philippines. The company connects top talent to fortune 500/1000 companies over opportunities (IT and non-IT) and provides technology solutions for enabling workforce transformation.

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About AgileOne

From cutting-edge technologies to award-winning services, AgileOne has the expertise to provide true total talent management with access to world-class workforce solutions and technologies configured to meet your unique enterprise needs. We are minority/woman-owned, with operations across the globe.

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