Our Mexico operations allow for "Near Shore" delivery of technology-based services and place local talent with our Mexico-based clients. We offer full-time opportunities for Mexican residents along with the benefit of “One Time Fee Per Placement” and select candidates under our TN Visa Model to work in the United States.


Pyramid Mexico offers total talent solutions with technological expertise

We connect leading organizations with technological and talent solutions that enable transformation and meet business objectives.

Why Pyramid Consulting Mexico?

  1. Same Time Zone
  2. Proximity
  3. Cultural Affinity
  4. The US, Canada and Mexico have several legal and trade agreements beyond NAFTA.

The Near Shore Advantage

Near Shore is the model in which a partner delivers services from a nearby location, creating enormous advantages in terms of cost, communication, travel, productivity, talent retention and more.


Software Solutions

TN Visa Services

IT Staff Augmentation


Service Offerings

Define, design, and execute IT strategies that drive business growth with a focus on:

  • Technology-based Near Shore delivery from our office in Mexico
  • Placing local talent with our clients in Mexico (full-time)

Perm Placement

Perm placements offer full-time opportunities for residents in Mexico.

  • Pyramid Consulting Mexico signs a contract with a Mexico-based client
  • Payments made conveniently in Pesos or Dollars
  • One-time fee per placement (fixed fee or percentage)

TN Visa Model

TN visa model helps in boosting margins and increasing talent supply

  • Allows selected Mexican residents to work in the US on contract jobs
  • Candidates can work in the US for a minimum of 3 years with possible extensions
  • Main skills – Java, Pega, Salesforce, Service Now Guidewire, etc.


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