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Developing the next generation of technology talent

#image 19 July 2022 | #image 2 min read


Finding the right qualified technology talent in the current bustling job market often gives a hard time to hiring managers. Even when the managers find the right candidate for the role, their immediate availability or career expectations may become an issue.

In many cases, challenges like visa-related problems, language barriers, or differing salary viewpoints may eventually result in stalling communications. However, the challenges can be minimized with the right resources on your timeline.

Pyramid Consulting, addresses the short supply of qualified technology talent, H1B visa dependence, and escalated costs with our in-house training program – GenSpark.


GenSpark – Building your future workforce

GenSpark is created for developing and deploying in-demand technology professionals. It serves as a bridge between a motivated talent pool and gainful IT employment. It uses our Intentionally Inclusive™ approaches to source talent and develops them into industry-best candidates with the appropriate training.

Moreover, GenSpark provides additional training to skilled talent in emerging technologies and focuses on increased employee retention.


Fast-tracking careers in technology

GenSpark designs a customized training program that comprehends specific client needs and marketplace deficiencies. We recruit talents (recent college graduates, experienced professionals, women, veterans, etc.) and meld them seamlessly with our client’s team. We prepare them for:

  1. A combination of over 400 hours of online and hands-on classroom training
  2. Hands-on training in Java, Hibernate, Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, micro-services, Angular, React, and other technologies
  3. Real-life code examples while working on fully agile teams doing sprints
  4. Development of soft skills in teams, innovation, communication, and initiative
  5. Mock interviews

The program provides organizations with a reliable talent pool and helps them achieve workforce inclusion goals.


Benefits to our clients

Pyramid Consulting’s vast experience in sourcing talent and technology helps us deliver the best-suited solutions for our clients. The soft skill curriculum of GenSpark trains associates in:

  1. Leveraging their personality as a strength at work
  2. Communicating more effectively and confidently through improv sessions
  3. Navigating common business tools (email, Teams)
  4. Networking with peers at social events

The core curriculum of GenSpark aligns with our client’s needs. We ensure that all the graduates are:

  1. Fully screened/vetted full-time Pyramid employees
  2. Prepared to assist in Cloud migrations and application readiness
  3. Capable of driving your ROI
  4. Emerging Full Stack developers with all the current leading technologies

Furthermore, our graduates are motivated and ready to be deployed. They acknowledge the idea of relocating and surpass all the barriers of conventional hiring challenges.


The success of GenSpark

GenSpark graduates savor a successful career. They work with some of our largest clients across various industry verticals like logistics, telecommunications, airlines, etc., and use state-of-the-art solutions to deliver results.

  1. Our graduates at a major logistic company and Fortune 500 telecom company use heavy coding in Angular and Java to modify and enhance proprietary systems.
  2. Some of our associates leverage chatbot technology to build new components at a telecom giant in Atlanta.
  3. Our GenSpark graduates in the airline industry leverage specialized cybersecurity training and handle critical projects.

GenSpark closes the opportunity gap for underrepresented minorities in technology disciplines through training and career deployment and reskills/upskill our existing workforce.


The Future of GenSpark

GenSpark has been successful in nourishing the best talents for various industries. However, we intend to improve and plan on growing future class sizes to meet the increasing market demand for Full Stack Developers. We will soon have new customized programs and start specialized training on big data, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), salesforce, cloud delivery, and DevOps.


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